Kitten refuses to let go of pizza

Dylan Stableford

An adorable kitten with a penchant for stealing pizza was caught red-pawed last week when her owner, Chris Drago, shot a short video of the wide-eyed feline clinging to a stolen slice.

Baby Girl, a 6-month-old rescue, had snatched the slice away from Drago's wife, who had momentarily turned her back on the pie.

"She flew up, grabbed the pizza and ran off, pizza in mouth while growling," Drago explained in an email to Yahoo News. "My wife ran to try to grab the pizza out of her mouth and [Baby Girl] went crazy. Our normally sweet docile cat lunged at my wife with her claws while maintaining a death grip on the pizza, all while growling."

That's when Drago grabbed his cellphone to record the gripping footage. The Myrtle Beach, S.C., couple eventually managed to dislodge the slice from Baby Girl's claws.

“If you’re not watching your food or turn your back she will jump up and take it before you realize it," Drago wrote of the unlikely pizza predator. "If you or another cat come after her she growls and hisses."

Baby Girl is already a notorious food thief. According Drago, her first known heist — a McDonald's hamburger — occurred a few months ago. 

Drago added: "She’s harmless and wouldn’t hurt you, and she’s adorable when she does it."