Keyboard snooze leads to huge bank error

Mike Krumboltz
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Not a pillow (Thinkstock)
Not a pillow (Thinkstock)

A bank employee reportedly took a very expensive on-the-job nap when he laid his head down on his keyboard, a German court heard this week.

When the employee woke a short time later, he discovered that he'd accidentally transferred hundreds of millions of euros by holding down the "2" key, according to a report from AFP.

What was supposed to be a 62.40 euro transfer ($82.80) turned into a 222,222,222.22 euro transfer ($295 million).

How do you say "oops" in German?

The mistake, which occurred in April 2012, was reversed, but the sleepy employee's boss initially let the transfer go through. The supervisor was reportedly fired for not catching the mistake right away.

The court recently ruled that the supervisor was wrongly fired and ordered the bank to give her her job back because the mistake was not malicious in nature, according to the London Evening Standard.

It's unclear what became of the sleepy employee.