Kentucky man has wild night alone in grocery store

Eric Pfeiffer
The Sideshow

Trevor Runyon spent the night alone inside a Kentucky grocery store and will likely be spending several more nights in jail.

That’s because Runyon allegedly went on a feeding frenzy, eating six steaks, drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and finishing the night off with some shrimp and a birthday cake.

Video surveillance shows the 30-year-old Runyon sneaking into the ValuMarket outlet just before closing time, then hiding out until the doors were closed and the employees had gone home for the night.

Officer Michael Huffman told WAVE3 that after Runyon was done eating and drinking, he then changed into some new clothes and climbed into the store’s rafters to sleep.

When the store’s manager showed up on Monday morning he says he found 57 cans of Redi-Whip whipped cream cans in the garbage.

After Runyon was spotted, local firefighters were called in to remove him from the rafters, after which police took him into custody.