Just released from prison, teen steals school bus

Mike Krumboltz

Some guys just aren't cut out for life outside. Exhibit A: Jonathan Cole Collins.

The Georgia teen had just been released from prison on Sunday. He was walking home when he got tired. So, he decided to steal an empty school bus. Flash forward a few days. Collins is facing a felony theft charge and the possibility of more jail time.

WRBC-TV explains that the 18-year-old had been serving time for a misdemeanor drug charge. When he was released he found that he didn't have a ride home. He started walking but got cold and tired. After several miles he decided to, well, take the bus.

Collins saw an empty bus and found a spare set of keys hidden inside. Security footage from inside the bus shows Collins struggling to close the bus door while driving the eight or so miles to his home. He abandoned it at an elementary school a short ways from his house in an apparent effort to cover his tracks. Alas, that pesky camera began recording the moment Collins started the engine.

Police were able to identify Collins and found him at home where he admitted to the crime. All told, he rode the bus for about 20 minutes and now could face a year in prison and/or a $1,000 fine.

It's one thing to take the bus. It's another to take the bus.