Jumpy the dog skateboards and jumps off walls in this amazing stunt video

Eric Pfeiffer

Just as the name of his new video states, Jumpy is one “badass dog,” performing 20 incredible stunts in this 1-minute clip.

The Australian border collie walks through a series of traffic cones on his front paws, leaps through the air into his trainer’s arms and even a number of stunts on a skateboard that most humans would find beyond their ability.

His owner, Omar Von Muller, has a long-history of training exceptional dogs. He's best known for training “Uggie” from the Academy Award winning film, “The Artist.” In a 2012 interview, Von Muller said there is no magic to his incredible dog training results, that it simply comes down to finding the right dog and putting in the hours. Still, that's easier said than done for most dog owners.

“My advice would be train and make sure you practice consistency,” he said. “I’ve been training for about 30 plus years myself.”

Though, let's give credit where credit is due. Mainly, to Jumpy himself. Or, as Linnet1936 commented on YouTube, “You're an amazing and inspirational trainer, but I'm afraid that you don't hold a candle to the stardom of your dogs.”