Joe Biden fans raising money to buy VP a Trans Am

Eric Pfeiffer
The Sideshow

A parody of Vice President Joe Biden from the satirical news outlet The Onion has apparently morphed into an honest-to-goodness political reality. Some supporters of Biden have started a fundraising page to buy the country's second-highest-ranking political figure a vintage Trans Am sports car.

"In order to let Vice President Biden know just how much we appreciate him, while also making a very silly part of the internet come true (we are the internet after all); let's buy Uncle Joe a Trans Am like the one that is featured in the Onion article," writes the campaign's creator and Fark writer, "Hack Patooey." He tells Yahoo! News that the project was thought up with several of his colleagues and Fark readers, which they first posted here.

And while anyone can set up a farcical fundraising page, this humorous campaign has some very real support. It has received more than $1,000 in financial commitments from more than 80 donors.

Despite the tongue-in-cheek nature of the campaign, its founders list some sincere reasons for wanting to honor their political hero, citing Biden's support for gay marriage and his outspoken views on foreign policy.

Of course, there's a potential catch to the campaign.

Near the bottom of the fundraising page, a note says the proceeds from the campaign will be given to charity.

"Now, Uncle Joe won't be able to accept this behemoth of steely American grace and power. He has these pesky laws and regulations and political-y things to deal with," the page reads. "Take into consideration his magnanimity and power of personality, he probably wouldn't be able to drive the Trans AM without causing a mass outpouring of Conservative Tears."

Instead, the campaign will auction off the Trans Am and donate the proceeds to charitable organizations, including the Biden Breast Health Initiative, Doctors Without Borders, the Wounded Warrior Project and GLAAD.

Still, that hasn't stopped a few Biden believers from wanting to make their dreams a reality.

"It would be great if we could get a picture of Joe and his new whip after he receives it," writes a donor named William.

Another donor, Laurel, wrote: "Two words: Silver. Fox."

And as the site's curators themselves wistfully note, "Maybe if we ask nicely, Joe Biden will wash it on the White House lawn."