It took three years to create this three-minute trick-shot video

Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo News

Impressed with your roommate, the self-professed master of beer pong? Fool, thou shall not worship false idols! For he or she will surely cower in the presence of the great Slade Manning.

Manning created a nearly three-minute video which compiles dozens of trick shots done with pingpong balls. It took Manning three years to create, according to the clip's description. That's dedication, folks.

Manning told Yahoo News that he can't even estimate the number of times it took to make each shot. "I just leave the camera going for one-two hours at a time and cut the misses out when I finally make it. Most shots take around 2-5 hours so that could be anywhere from 500 to 5,000 tries."

The trick at the 0:18 mark was, according to Manning, the hardest shot to make. "I went out trying for a few hours at a time for about 15 different days over several months until I finally made it. I didn't really have any skill or control, so it was just a matter of hitting balls over and over until one finally happened to go the right distance and direction."

The shots are as impressive as they are varied. He tosses pingpong balls from a balcony into a cup of water. He bounces balls off the wall, hits cups, which hit other cups, which knock loose pingpong balls which then bounce into cups. He even throws one into a swimming pool and guess what? the pingpong ball lands in a plastic cup at the bottom of the pool.

So, why? Why spend years doing this? Simple it's fun.

Manning told Yahoo News, "Back in 2009 I was filming my cousin golfing, and I realized it was more fun to try to make hard shots over and over instead of actually playing how the game is supposed to be played.... A lot of people see doing these videos as a 'waste of time' or pointless or stupid, which I couldn't really disagree with. It's just my hobby in the same way anyone has something they like to do in their free time."