Improv group delights 99-cent store owner on Black Friday

Mike Krumboltz

Black Friday equals raucous crowds, massive sales and, in many cases, delighted retailers. Most of the time the store owners and managers are prepared for the madness. But not always.

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The proprietor of a 99-cent store in New York got the surprise of his life when he opened his store on Black Friday to find a line of dedicated customers camping out along the sidewalk. The group was part of Improv Everywhere, an organization dedicated to putting on lighthearted pranks involving hundreds of participants.

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In this video, the store owner appears delighted at the influx of customers. "I really appreciate every single person who gives us their business," he said.

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Improv Everywhere even went so far as to ask a local actress to portray an NBC reporter and conduct interviews with store employees. As one passer-by remarked, "Only in New York."