If you ever wondered how Santa delivers all those gifts, here's the answer: Parkour!

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Ever wonder how Santa Claus can deliver so many gifts to so many homes in one single night?

We now have the answer: Parkour.

Turns out, jolly old St. Nick is an expert when it comes to climbing, leaping, jumping and doing all manner of stunts in urban and suburban environments. Who knew?

This is dangerous stuff, but Santa is clearly up for the challenge. He flips down stairs, leaps from building to building, does somersaults over fire pits, all without the help of a certain red-nosed reindeer.

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But not even Santa can nail every landing. Those who stick around for the end of the video will see what happens when the red-suited daredevil pushes things a tad too far.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by Ronnie Street Stunts, which specializes in Parkour feats.
Here's a behind the scenes video. The big guy definitely did his own stunts.

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