Ice cream vendors fight over turf

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

We're used to hearing about rival gangs getting into fights, but rival ice cream vans? Afraid so, kids.

Two ice cream slingers got into a heated argument in Blackburn, England. The results: A broken window, a dented van, and a seriously surreal video.

An onlooker captured the squabble on video from an upstairs apartment window. Here's the scoop (sorry): Zeheer Ramzan works for Mr. Yummy. Mohammed Mulla sells Mr. Whippy products. Apparently they are no great fans of each other.

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The fight began when a young person in the market for an ice cream cone approached one of the vendors (it isn't clear which one). She ordered a cone and the proprietor of the other establishment yelled that he could sell an identical cone to the customer for cheaper.

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And that's where it got messy. Ramzan is caught on video breaking the window of Mulla's truck. Mulla then drives his truck into Ramzan's. According to an article from the BBC, Mulla is claiming that he didn't intend to hit Ramzan's truck; he was suffering a panic attack. The police are investigating.

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