Say what? Video captures man crashing cell phone conversations

Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo News

We've all been there: Stuck next to a cell phone talker in a public place.

Sure, you could move to another area, but that would be admitting defeat. You're not the annoying one! The cell phone talker is.

Next time, do what prankster Greg Benson does and simply crash the conversation.

In a video that went viral over the weekend, Benson filmed himself sidling up to cell phone users at an airport. Pretending to be engaged in his own phone conversation, Benson was actually riffing on whatever his neighbor was saying.

It gets pretty meta at times. In one instance, a guy turns to Benson and asks if Benson is answering the questions that the man is asking to the person on the other end of his call. Benson denies the accusation, then returns to his "conversation" with the guy he just talked to.

Reaction on the Web has been mostly positive, but some commenters on YouTube mention that the talkers aren't actually speaking loudly and that Benson is the one being rude.

Maybe so. But there's rude-rude and funny-rude. This one is definitely the latter.

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