Alleged thieves nabbed after posting fast food photo on Instagram

Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo News

Hamburgler be not proud:

Three men and one juvenille suspected of auto burglary were arrested by police in Rocklin, Calif., after authorities discovered an online photograph of the foursome posing with $120 worth of Carl's Jr. fast food.

According to CBS Sacramento, the group purchased a mountain of food, including burgers, fries and shakes, at the restaurant's drive-through window. After one of the employees began taking all the bags of food out to the car, the group asked that the employee take pictures of all the food. 

Suspicious, the restaurant's manager, Katelyn Hubick, made note of the car's license plate. A short time later, a guest at a nearby hotel discovered that her car had been broken into and her credit card was missing. She learned of the Carl's Jr. charge and alerted police, who contacted the restaurant. The manager reported the unusually large order and the key fact that the hungry crew had posted a photo of their food to Instagram.

Cue the bum-bum sound effect from "Law and Order."

The Sacramento Bee reports that after the group left, a restaurant employee took a photo of the receipt and posted it to Instagram.

Via the Sacramento Bee:

A friend of the food service worker saw the photo and told her, “I know the person because they posted a photo of all the food,” according to Hubick. The friend had been following the juvenile suspect’s Instagram feed.

Sgt. Scott Horrillo told the Sacramento Bee, "Sometimes, technology acts in our favor; sometimes, it doesn’t. This time it did."

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