Halloween goes ‘Gangnam Style’ (VIDEO)

Claudine Zap
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'Gangham Style' Halloween House
'Gangham Style' Halloween House

"Gangnam Style" has gone spooky: Residents of Leesburg, Va., have tricked out their house with more than 8,500 lights and 250 channels of computer animation for one very viral video set to PSY's wildly popular hit "Gangnam Style."

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Like a similar display surfaced on Neatorama, this pumping light show that is perfectly in time to the catchy beat has reportedly brought onlookers doing "the horse" outside the house. Of course.

For anyone living in a cave, "Gangnam Style" is the Korean pop star's hit song. The video, showing the rapper doing his trademark move, the "horse dance," turned PSY into a global phenom. The performer's video has been seen on YouTube almost 532 million times -- and counting.

The tune has gained attention with plenty of parodies, from "Saturday Night Live," the U.S. Naval Academy and, yes, even North Korea.

And now, a rockin' house in Virginia.

The scary-fabulous show comes from Edwards Landing Lights. The community of Edwards Landing has produced synchronized light shows for the holidays over the last two years, and this Halloween spoof has gone far beyond Virginia with its buzzy video.