Grumpy Cat celebrates 2 years of being in a bad mood

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

Her real name is Tardar Sauce, but most folks know her by her stage name: Grumpy Cat. The frowning feline turned 2 years old Friday and celebrated the occasion with a visit to Vogue magazine in New York.

While Grumpy isn't known for smiling for the camera, she exhibited a tremendous amount of patience, posing for photo after photo with delighted staffers at the high style magazine.

The burgeoning mogul (she has an agent) also paid a visit to the Wall Street Journal to help promote her new partnership with Friskies (catnip ain't cheap, folks). There, Grumpy's caretakers explained that the cat's unique look is due to a combination of feline dwarfism and a wicked underbite. Grumpy had no comment.

Grumpy was "discovered" after one of her caretakers put a photo of her in foul mood on Reddit in 2012. The image was a huge hit and inspired countless memes. Unlike other Web celebs, interest in Grumpy Cat isn't waning. Not that she'd really care if it did.

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