Grizzly bear puts camera inside its mouth (VIDEO)

Eric Pfeiffer
The Sideshow

Brad Josephs was on the Alaskan peninsula shooting video for a new BBC special when a grizzly bear decided to start chewing on his camera.

Luckily for Josephs, he wasn’t holding the camera at the time. Instead, he had planted his GoPro in order to some close-up shots of the bears to use in the film “Great Bear Stakeout,” which was recorded for the BBC and Discovery Channel.

And unlike the video's slightly misleading title, "A grizzly ate my GoPro!!!" the bear appears to be simply examining the camera, albeit with its mouth. However, viewers are treated to the truly unusual spectacle of seeing live footage from inside a grizzly bear's mouth.

“The bear only gently mouthed the camera, and didnt even put a dent in it!” Jospehs writes on his website. “Obviously the card was fine, and I actually used the camera many more times.”

In the four-minute clip, there is also some fascinating video of the two grizzlies, a 3-year-old cub and its mother, fishing in the water. There’s also an irresistible shot of the young grizzly cub walking on its hind legs through the stream.