GOP hopes ad featuring hipster can save it

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

Democrats apparently do not have a monopoly on scraggly-bearded hipsters.

To prove the point — whether intentionally or not — the GOP released a 26-second long online commercial featuring a hipper-than-thou Republican pumping gas into his Audi.

No matter what your political persuasion, we think you'll agree that the ad is easily mockable. The man, Scott Greenberg, is dressed to the nines in hipster gear, oversize glasses, and a stubble beard. He also comes prepared with indignation and an inability to read cue cards with any amount of subtlety.

Greenberg says he gets "ticked off at politicians who say they want to help the unemployed but then vote for regulations that make it impossible to hire anyone."

Cough, proposed minimum-wage hike, cough.

Greenberg continues, "I'm a Republican because my friends need a paycheck, not an empty promise." In another spot, advocating an all-of-the-above ("solar, wind, shale gas, oil, whatever") energy policy, Greenberg says he shouldn't have to check his bank account before filling up his tank.

Comments on YouTube were rather negative. One person writes, "Sorry GOP, 'looking' like a hippster [sic] won't work on us.  Try harder." Another writes, "finally a hipster driving an audi."

Another writes, "Wow, now I've seen a guy who looks like my great aunt's idea of how my friends dress giving a poor delivery of flawed economics tinged with class warfare, I am sooooooo voting GOP! You guys with me?...Guys?"

There was one compliment, though, from itumblers, who wrote, "Love the ad. Democrats are shaking in their boots I can see in the comments. 2014 will be marvelous for republicans."

Unless that was sarcasm?

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