GoDaddy's Super Bowl spot seeks humor in spray tanning

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If you were asked to think of a typical GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial, odds are you'd conjure up images of scantily clad women and shameless pleas to go to for additional racy footage.

Not this time. The web hosting company is mixing it up in 2014, electing to go for humor in the form of bouncing male pectoral muscles.

In the 30-second spot, which will air during the Super Bowl broadcast on Feb. 2, an ever-growing number of body builders (including Danica Patrick in a muscle suit) run down city streets to get to a tanning salon that has recently created a website using the hosting company.

When the throng of muscley models show up at her door, the shopkeeper grabs her can of tanning spray and says, "It's go time."

Business Insider reports that this spot is further evidence of GoDaddy's effort to shift away from the salacious ads of its past but still remain edgy. 

Does the company succeed or is it back to the drawing board? Please share your opinion with a comment, below.

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