Giraffe chases Jeep during South African safari

Eric Pfeiffer
The Sideshow

A group of friends on safari in South Africa had a startling surprise when a wild giraffe began chasing their Jeep. The high-speed chase went on for several miles before one of the passengers screamed at the giraffe and banged her hands on the side of the vehicle. The giraffe, standing at well over 10-feet-tall, then turned around and went on its way.

On YouTube, Henk Roos described what happened to his group of friends:

“After an amazing wedding we went on a game drive and a hormonal Giraffe started to chase our jeep,” he wrote. “After about 5km of being chased I started recording the chase on my phone. You can see how he gets closer and closer after every turn. We started to run out of road and the ranger banged on the side of the jeep to scare him off. We started to make a noise and he stopped.”

Responding to one of the video viewers, Roos said the giraffe suddenly became aggressive and was “hormonal.” This has elicited several negative comments in response, but in fact does make sense when compared to at least one other case in South Africa in which a giraffe chased another vehicle full of passengers on safari. In that case, the giraffe was even more aggressive, smashing its long and powerful neck into the back of the vehicle.

Thankfully, no one was hurt in either incident. And the videos have been drawing several comparisons to the famous T. rex chase scene in the 1994 film “Jurassic Park.” One reader described the video as “Giraffic Park,” while another went a step further, incorporating the music from the iconic scene into the giraffe video.