Bunny statue named Peace stirring controversy with some Mass. vets

Eric Pfeiffer
The Sideshow

A veterans group is upset that a giant, fiberglass rabbit sculpture has been put on display next to a war memorial in Oakdale Commons in Dedham, Mass.

"Why isn't it down here where the playgrounds are? And they have it sitting right next to the monument," Vietnam veteran Frank Currin told WHDH.com.

The rabbit, now named Peace, is part of an effort to raise money for the arts, and the city reportedly plans to place 15 total fiberglass bunnies around Dedham. The town has a long history with pottery, which the rabbit structures are meant to honor. Local business Dedham Pottery, founded in 1896, also uses a rabbit in its logo.

Originally named Leroy, the rabbit sculpture was created by a veteran to honor another local vet who died in January. "It's definitely been discouraging," Jennifer Barsamian, co-founder of Dedham Shines, said of the controversy. "The committee that put together this monument approved the placement of this rabbit, so we were completely surprised and caught off guard."

Veterans who marched through the Oakdale Commons on Thursday refused to salute when in the vicinity of Peace, the Boston Globe reported.

However, not all veterans are opposed to the display. Some told WHDH that they think the visiting rabbit display is just fine. Next week, Dedham plans to host a public hearing to address the issue.