Georgia man meets his father and five brothers for the first time after 44 years apart

Eric Pfeiffer

Forty-four-year-old Rod Whitaker spent nearly all of his life believing he was an only child without a father. Over the same time period, his father never even knew of Rod’s existence, having been sent to fight in the Vietnam War without knowing that Rod’s mother was pregnant with their child.

But on Wednesday, Whitaker landed at San Francisco International Airport, where he reunited not only with his father but with five brothers he had never met.

And when Whitaker celebrates his 45th birthday on Friday, he’ll be doing so with hundreds of relatives at a Fourth of July family reunion picnic.

“To go from my mom’s only child to, hopefully, getting in fights about getting hugs on me ...,” Whitaker said in an interview with local affiliate ABC7, contemplating how much his life had changed in one day.

Whitaker said he searched through websites like before eventually tracking down his biological father in California. His dad is a Vietnam War veteran who served three tours of duty.

“I think of all the close calls that I had,” Whitaker's father, who was not identified, told ABC7 while standing next to his middle-aged son. “I made it here to see my son. I’ll probably believe it tomorrow.”

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