Fussy baby eats to ‘Gangnam Style’ video

Ron Recinto
The Sideshow

Oh, the many creative ways parents get their toddlers to eat.

There's playing airplane with the food. "Open wide!"

There's also pretending to eat the food yourself.

For a North London couple, their trick is the global Internet sensation "Gangnam Style," by Psy.

Andrew Tsai learned that when he plays the hit Korean music video with Psy dancing and prancing, his 10-month-old son, Benjamin, seems calmed, the Daily Mail reports.

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The video, which set a Guinness record for the most number of "likes," seems to appeal to all ages.

And as the feeding continues, Benjamin becomes grumpy and turns his head when his dad shuts off "Gangnam Style" and tries to feed him.

Hopefully his parents won't get annoyed with the video and song, because Benjamin Tsai has to eat.

Hit the play button, Dad. And let's dine—Gangnam style!