Fire chief feels the heat after escorting son to school prom in department truck

Eric Pfeiffer
The Sideshow

How cool would it be to roll up to your high-school prom in a fire truck? Well, it would probably be less cool for your Dad if he let you be chauffeured without getting permission first.

A Pennsylvania fire chief is coming under fire after it was revealed he allowed his son to ride in one of the station’s fire trucks to his high-school prom.

WPXI reports that the borough council of West Newton approve a measure of “displeasure” after learning that the town’s Fire Chief Craig Sanner permitted one of his department’s trucks “to be used as a prom limousine” to drive his son Dustin and his date to the Young High School prom.

“If true, we feel this is an inappropriate use of public monies,” the resolution reads.

Sanner says the truck was never “out of service” or, outside its range of service.

But Councilman Adam Paterline, who brought a local newspaper photo showing Dustin Sanner and his girlfriend posing in front of the truck, said allowing the pair to ride on the truck raised security issues and cost the town about $100.

Sanner disagreed with Paterline, pointing out that his son has served in the fire department for several years and noted that his wife was driving behind the truck in order to pick up Dustin and his date in case the truck was called into service.