Family records straight-A grades for 19 years

Claudine Zap
The Sideshow

Here's setting the bar high: For the past 19 years, the six children of the Kogut family have kept up straight A's while attending Marley Middle School in Glen Burnie, Md.

The stellar report cards started in 1993 and ended with the recent graduation of one Richie Kogut from the eighth grade. The sterling student told WBAL-TV that his key to success was simple: "to pay attention in class and do my homework." He added modestly, "I just try as hard as I can." It shows, Richie.

Mom Maureen Kogut said her family's achievements could be pegged to one important family trait: hitting the books. "We are very big on reading in our family," she explained, adding, "We read all the time. I read to the kids every night."

The two-decade run of good grades had dad grinning from ear to ear. Said Allen Kogut, "I'm very proud. My children have taken the opportunity they've been provided for at Marley Middle and succeeded."

Maureen Kogut added that sibling rivalry couldn't be discounted—the brothers certainly seem to have a competitive side. She said, "They are harder on each other than we could ever be."