Woman creates Twitter account to help solve brother's murder 34 years ago

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Bill Comeans was murdered 34 years ago at the age of 14.

The crime was never solved, but his family has not given up hope of finding justice. In an unusual move intended to reignite interest in the cold case, Bill's sister Kathleen Comeans has created a Twitter account written in the first-person voice of Bill.

Bill died on January 7, 1980, near the family home in West Columbus, Ohio, reports 10TV.com. Comeans, who was 9 at the time of her brother's death, spoke to the station about her late brother.

Via 10TV.com:

"I can remember the night that we found out, the same feelings are there." Her big brother Bill was found a block away from their West Columbus home, strangled with his own scarf. "He's physically not here, but he's still with us," she said. "His memories are still with us."

The Twitter account is both eerie and heartbreaking.

Some tweets are almost "normal," as if Bill is just another good natured teenager playing around on the Web.

 Others serve as stark reminders.

Comeans told 10TV.com, "Whoever murdered him is out there, so somebody knows something, and Bill's got a story to tell, and we'll use whatever means to tell it."

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