Dreadlocks banana guy gets Taiwanese animation treatment

Dylan Stableford
Dreadlocks banana guy gets Taiwanese animation treatment

Henry Gribbohm, the New Hampshire man who says he lost $2,600—his entire life savings—playing a carnival game that was "rigged," has become something of an Internet star. His story has gone viral thanks, in large part, to the stuffed banana he took home as a consolation prize.

The 30-year-old from Epsom, N.H., was playing a game called Tubs of Fun in which contestants toss balls into a tub, but the balls kept popping out. “It’s not possible that it wasn’t rigged,” Gribbohm said. "You just get caught up in the whole 'I've got to win my money back.'"

Gribbohm lost $300, WBZ-TV reported, "went home to get $2,300 more and soon lost all of that as well."

Manchester police are investigating the incident, and New Hampshire-based Fiesta Shows, which produces the traveling carnival, is pulling Tubs of Fun for the time being.

“For once in my life I happened to become that sucker,” Gribbohm said, clutching his large, overstuffed banana with dreadlocks.

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After Gribbohm's story aired, CollegeHumor.com launched a Facebook campaign offering to buy Gribbohm's stuffed banana for $2,600:

For every Facebook "Like" this post gets, we'll put 10 cents towards the cost of Henry's stuffed banana, and if we get to 26,000 Likes, we'll offer to buy Henry's banana for $2,600. If this post gets over 30,000 Likes, we'll offer to buy Henry's banana AND pay for the X-Box Kinect that he was originally trying to win.

So far, the post has 16,000 likes, or about 10,000 shy of the site's goal.

Meanwhile, Gribbohm's tale of woe has already been given the Taiwanese animation treatment, which includes a re-enactment of his fateful carnival outing: