Don't drive drunk, even in a video game

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Drunken driving is always a bad idea, even in a video game.

To help bring home the point, Belgian advocacy group Responsible Young Drivers produced a clip featuring a professional videogamer who goes by the name AMO_RACING87.  We first saw the clip over at video game blog Kotaku.

AMO_RACING87, who is described as one of the world's most talented Gran Turismo players, takes a couple shots of whiskey and then wobbles over to his monitor and console for a  few laps in the popular racing game.

Things don't go well. The driver can't seem to take the turns. He runs into walls, crashes into cars, and generally drives like he's, well, drunk.

Of course, this is hardly ground breaking research. The fact that alcohol diminishes one's ability to drive is known by (hopefully) everybody. Still, people tend to forget this during the booze-infused holiday season. Another reminder to get a designated driver doesn't hurt.

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