Beagle won't be denied chicken nuggets

The Sideshow

Lucy wants some chicken nuggets. The good news is there's nobody around to stop her. The bad news: Lucy is a dog, and the nuggets are frustratingly out of reach.

What's a stubborn pooch to do?

In a video uploaded to the Web last summer but just now going viral, we see Lucy look around for a way to reach a countertop toaster oven, in which the tasty, tasty nuggets reside.

At first, the dog seems to consider leaping to the counter from a nearby table. No, she seems to think. Too far. She rethinks the plan and finally sets Operation Nugget Liberation into action.

Step 1: Move the chair into position using paw to push along kitchen floor.

Step 2: Leap onto chair and then onto counter, with an elegant one-two punch. Note: Be careful not to disturb any of the other countertop appliances.

Step 3: Make way past sink to toaster oven. Open oven with paw. Wait a minute. Is the oven on? You don't care. You want nuggets.

Step 4: Knock entire tray of food to ground. Eat, eat, eat.

Step 5: Practice "ashamed" face for when family forces you to watch video of your misdeeds.

Lucy isn't the only pooch to let a love of food cloud good judgment. Here's a 2011 clip of Caesar the beagle opening the fridge and helping himself to something unidentifiable.


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