Dog takes a ride in car’s grille

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

A very unlucky dog was transported around 11 miles along a Massachusetts highway in the grille of a Toyota sedan without the driver knowing it. Fortunately, the pooch escaped with relatively minor injuries.

According to the Taunton Daily Gazette, the driver of the car saw a white dog dart out in the middle of the road. He hit the brakes, didn't see the dog in the rearview mirror, and assumed the animal had made it across the road. It hadn't. After driving for 11 miles at around 50 mph, he pulled up to a stoplight, where another driver gestured that something was in the Toyota's grille. That's when the driver got the surprise of a lifetime.

Stuck in the grille was a small female poodle mix looking a bit worse for wear, but still alive. The dog had apparently been scooped up into the grille and was stuck. The driver immediately took the dog to the police, where animal control helped to remove her from the car. The dog suffered a concussion and possibly a minor rupture of her bladder, and after a night at the vet's, she is on the mend, animal control said. Police are currently seeking the dog's owner to pass along the good news.