Dog fetches cat: A Yahoo! favorite video from 2012

The Sideshow

Yahoo! editors have selected this video as a favorite of 2012. It first ran in Yahoo! Screen in July and was one of the most popular viral cat videos.

In the age-old war of cats vs. dogs, we think this odd—and oddly compelling—video from Russia proves cats are winning.

After all, why walk when you can hitch a ride with a four-legged Fido? At least, for this lazy (or perhaps stubborn) feline, refusing to budge leads to a ride on the back of a plucky pooch.

In the clip, a tiny dog, with some encouragement from its owner, burrows under a gray cat and lifts it up, carrying it like a sack of potatoes around the outside of the house and then inside. The cat is about his size, but we’re guessing about twice the weight, and this proves to be a challenging task. As a result, the dog takes a couple of breaks along the way.

The video, it goes without saying, became an online hit. Enjoy the ride.