Have your dog or cat clean up the room with ‘Pet Sweep’

Eric Pfeiffer
The Sideshow

You give your animal so much love and attention. Perhaps it’s time they started paying back the favor. Well, one company is offering you the option with “Pet Sweep,” tiny mop like cleaning swipes that fit snugly on the paws of your dog or cat. The technical term for the innovative home cleaning product is a “Animal-Powered Debris Removal System.”

Ok, the whole thing is actually a prank.

But we’ve run the photo by a few people and they unanimously believed it to be real until they got into the details provided by fictional creator "Todd Lawson." The Lawson Facebook page actually contains a series of hilarious fake animal products and scenarios, including a helpful reminder to not share your food with your pets during flu season.

The best part is you can actually order the “Pet Sweep” box if you want to pull the prank on one of your friends or loved ones. The box itself is empty, but at just $8, it’s worth it if you’re into harmless pranks.

Prank Pack offers a number of other gag pet items, including the hands free "Pet Better" for your cat. And for a clueless human "gift," there's the "Bathe and Brew" shower head/coffee maker combo.

[Via Laughing Squid]