Disabled piglet named Chris P. Bacon moves with help from toy cart

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Chris P. Bacon. The tiny piglet was born without the use of its hind legs. So, Chris P.'s vet constructed a kind of wheelchair that allows him to explore the world.

And Chris has a lot of exploring to do. In the five-minute video, the piglet cruises around the living room, eats snacks and drinks milk from a bottle. The Toronto Star explains that Chris P.'s cart is constructed from K'Nex toy parts. A New Hampshire company saw the clip and is constructing a more durable cart for Chris P.

A commenter on YouTube sums up the video nicely: "Look I'm not sure but this might be the best thing I've seen in about five years."

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Chris P.'s previous owner, concerned about Chris P.'s quality of life, had taken him to a veterinarian to be put to sleep, according to the Star. But the vet, Dr. Len Lucero from Clermont, Fla., had an alternative. He asked the owner to allow him to keep Chris P., and promised he'd do his best to keep him alive and thriving. That night Lucero constructed a cart from some of his child's toys.

Chris P. weighs just four pounds now, but is expected to grow to be around 50 p0unds. According to Lucero, the piglet enjoys burying its snout in towels and playing with stuffed animals.