Deer Obama: Surprise campaign-sign vandal caught on video

Eric Pfeiffer
September 25, 2012

An Austin, Texas, couple were convinced a political vandal was at work, showing up in the middle of the night to damage their yard sign endorsing President Obama's re-election campaign. But after contacting police, Beth and Tom Priem were shocked to discover the guilty party was actually a "Republican" deer.

Austin NBC affiliate KXAN reports that the mystery began in mid-September, when the Priems found holes punched through their Obama sign four days in a row. It seemed like a personal attack, as none of their yard signs for other political candidates had sustained any damage.

And further adding to the mystery, the Priems have several politically active neighbors, all of whom support Republican candidates and none of whom suffered any damage to their yard signs.

The Austin couple then called police, who were at a loss as to who might be the culprit. But it was actually the family's dog that first spotted the culprit, barking at the family's living room window and drawing Beth and Tom to the scene.

"Apparently, we have a Republican deer in our neighborhood!" Tom told KXAN. "The funny thing is, I haven't seen any other signs damaged. The people directly across the street have four signs; the person across the street and to the left has two, and the next house to the left h as one. We can't figure out why the deer is attacking our signs."

And since this situation is not likely to be resolved through more conventional political debate, the Priems have decided to take direct action instead.

"We're going to put them up closer to the house, and hopefully if it's not right in their path they'll leave it alone," Tom said.