'Dear Mr. Watterson' trailer brings back the 'Calvin and Hobbes' nostalgia

Mike Krumboltz

Many of the comics in the Sunday funny pages are not particularly funny. But that's only because "Calvin and Hobbes" is no longer around.

For 10 glorious years (1985-95), artist Bill Watterson let readers in on the adventures and philosophical dilemmas shared between a mischievous 6-year-old boy and his stuffed tiger. The strips were hilarious, heartwarming and, in many cases, pretty darn deep.

Watterson has remained out of the public eye, but his fans are devoted as ever. And now, several filmmakers have created a documentary, "Dear Mr. Watterson," as a thanks to the man as well as an exploration of the comic's effect on the world.

The film hits select theaters and pay-per-view next month. You can watch the trailer above.