Days Inn honors 'all who have served hot breakfast'

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

The period has a big job to do, and yet nobody really notices it until it's gone.

And then everybody notices.

Case in point: a Days Inn billboard this past weekend. As reported in Chicago, the budget hotel posted a message in honor of Memorial Day. At least that's what we think they meant to do. The hotel also wanted to alert passing motorists that guests received a hot breakfast with their stay.

Those are two very separate thoughts in dire need of a period. Unfortunately, there was none to be found on the billboard, leaving the sign to read, "We remember all those who served hot breakfast."

Cue the earnest salutes.

The snafu was picked up by Twitter, with several messages jokingly calling out the hotel chain on their delicious typo. 

And yet, as ridiculous as it is, there is some truth to the sentiment. Those who get up early and serve hot breakfast do not get enough recognition. Making coffee, scrambling eggs, and cooking waffles while the rest of us catch a few extra minutes of sleep is noble. Damn noble.

The hungry patriots at the Sideshow would like to join with Days Inn and honor all those who serve hot breakfast. You may not have a national holiday, but you are all heroes. Also, we'd like some bacon.

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