Dash cam shows handcuffed burglary suspect steal police car (VIDEO)

Dylan Stableford

Police in Texas are searching for a man they arrested for burglary who fled the scene in a stolen police car—a daring escape captured on video by a dash-mounted camera.

Police in White Settlement, Texas, say Darren Porter was arrested early Friday, cuffed and then placed in the back of a squad car after allegedly burglarizing an antiques store.

But while police were busy investigating the crime, the 41-year-old managed to roll down the back window, unlock the door and slide out unnoticed.

"He's a very skinny individual," White Settlement Police Lieutenant J.P. Bevering told CBS' Dallas affiliate of Porter's narrow escape.

Porter then jumped in the front seat and took off. A camera mounted on the dashboard of the patrol car parked behind the one he stole captured raw footage of the getaway. The police cruiser was later found abandoned in nearby Fort Worth, its left front tire blown out.

"It looks like he probably hit a curb," Bevering said, adding that Porter will now face additional charges of felony theft and escape in addition to burglary.Kenny Boone, the owner of the store Porter allegedly burglarized, took the bungled arrest in stride.

"It kind of reminded me of the Keystone cops," Boone said. "They were all running for their police car to chase this guy. I shouldn't say it was funny, but it was kind of comical."