Cops caught busting — a move

Claudine Zap

Three dancers getting down in a crowd at a carnival: That’s crazy fun. But if those three men are police officers, it’s just crazy.

A video posted by YouTube user MOOF Bulleh titled “Notting Hill Carnival 2013 Police Dance Off" captures three of the community’s finest getting freaky in London. One officer asks the crowd to “make some noise” before they show off their dance moves to an enthusiastic audience that forms a circle around them to watch.

They're wearing their hats and green safety vests and are laden down with all their gear strapped around their waists, but that doesn't get in the way of the dance-off.

In an act that looks somewhat choreographed, the first does a hip wiggle, the second some grinding, and the third shows a hip-hop move. The three then flop to the ground, one behind the other, and mimic rowing a boat to the roar of the crowd.

The video has taken off on the Web, receiving over 500,000 views so far. Reaction as to whether police officers should be engaging with the crowd this way has been mixed.

Over on YouTube, Jade Lapper applauded, “The police joining in for a few minutes and becoming part of the community … does not make them anything but great police officers.”

Peter Wayde on the Standard UK website called the dance “embarrassing and unamusing,” adding, “Just get on with policing.”

But another commenter on the Standard disagreed, saying, “They were just having a laugh. Lighten up.”