'Comrade Kitty' stands at attention for Russian national anthem

Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo News

Just as is the case in America, most countries that have a national anthem consider standing during its performance to be a sign of patriotism and respect. And this cat, who apparently hails from Russia, knows it.

In a short video that's quickly going viral, a man plays the Russian national anthem on his cellphone. Upon hearing the familiar tune, the cat — identified as Margot in a YouTube description — stands at attention on her hind legs with a look that says, "glory to Mother Russia."

Yes, the cat's posture could use a bit of improvement (move those shoulders back, kitty), but on the whole we think Ivan Drago would approve.

Viewers were clearly impressed. One commenter wrote, "I didnt even know they could do that." Another posted, "this may be the coolest thing ive ever seen AND IM NOT EVEN RUSSIAN!"

The video was uploaded this week. It is unclear when it was originally filmed.

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