Stephen Colbert skewers Fox News's Monica Lewinsky conspiracy theories

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

That's the thing about conspiracy theories  they always involve the people you least expect.

Take the hubbub surrounding Monica Lewinsky's recent cover story for Vanity Fair.

In the piece, which is the first time Lewinsky has personally addressed the late-1990s scandal involving President Bill Clinton, the former intern wrote that she "deeply" regretted the affair, the scandal has cost her numerous professional opportunities in life, and she wants nothing more than to move on.

This wasn't a good enough excuse for coming forward to some Fox News personalities, and satirical TV host Stephen Colbert skewered would-be conspiracy theorists with his segment, "Stephen Colbert's Bats**t Serious."

According to Fox News, Lewinsky and Hillary Clinton are in cahoots regarding the article's timing. But how could a high-profile article about the affair between the former White House intern and President Clinton possibly benefit Hillary, who may be planning a 2016 presidential run?

Colbert jokingly explains that Hillary Clinton must have wanted the article to come out now so the 16-year-old story would be "old news" by the time Hillary announces a possible run.

The political satirist and comedian, who will soon be taking over the "Late Show" from David Letterman, then shows various clips of pundits questioning the article's "timing."

"Yes, the timing is certainly coming under question," Colbert says. "What questions? Well, there's one right there. But are there other questions? That makes two."

Colbert continues, "Folks, Hillary was behind this article just as surely as she was behind the woman who threw a shoe at her last month."

"You see, if we talk about this Lewinsky story, then we won’t be talking about it when she’s running in 2016, because if there’s one thing the conservative media is known for it’s letting things go. Unless that’s just what she wants us to think she wants us to think she thinks."

But if Camp Hillary is behind the Vanity Fair piece, wouldn't there be a paper trail, Colbert asks. "It's not like she can control the media with her mind ... or can she?"

After playing a clip of Dena Perino on Fox News's "The Five" saying that the media can communicate with Democrats without talking, a faux-incensed Colbert says, "The media can communicate with Democrats by reading their thoughts, but Fox News’s 'The Five' caught them because they can communicate without thinking at all."

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