Coffee shop holds food drive for tip jar thief

The Sideshow

Here's something to help restore your faith in humanity. The Nervous Dog Coffee Shop is holding a food drive to help benefit a man who allegedly stole money from the baristas' tip jar.

News of the coffee shop's good deed was reported by WKYC in Ohio. Apparently a man (still unidentified) was caught on camera pilfering money from the employees' tip jar. But instead of going after him with the help of the police, the coffee shop workers decided to give the guy a helping hand.

Manager Scott Moses told WKYC, "He stuck his hand straight into the tip jar and took out as much as he could get and walked out like nothing happened."

But rather than automatiaclly think the guy is a heartless jerk, Moses said, "we assume that if he was desperate enough to steal tips, he's probably in desperate times."

Both coffee shop locations are taking food donations for the alleged thief and will give them to him if he comes forward, no questions asked, according to WKYC.

An interesitng wrinkle to the story — some people have sounded off on the Nervous Dog's Facebook page that the shop is, in effect, rewarding a crook.  WKYC asked viewers to give their opinions on whether it's an act of generosity or a bad move.

Opinions are mixed. One person wrote, "Rewarding a thief will only make it worse. Desperation is NEVER a reason to steal from others. What happened to asking your local church for help? When is asking for help become something resented while stealing is promoted?" 

Another disagreed, writing, "The forgiveness and compassion of the coffee shop is refreshing!!"

If the thief doesn't come forward, the food will go to the Akron Canton Regional Food Bank.