Classical musicians roar through 43 cartoon theme songs in 5 minutes

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

You can recall all the state capitals at the drop of a hat. Well, la-dee-da. You still know the quadratic formula, even though you have no idea why it's important. Well, whoop-de-doo.

The real mark of having become a responsible adult who hasn't forgotten important stuff from the formative years:  Being able to name all 43 cartoon theme songs in this short classical concert from Carnegie Hall’s Ensemble ACJW.

If you can, we take our hats off to you. Heck, get half of 'em and that's still pretty good.  Sure, some of the tunes are obvious, especially with the animated hints. Is there any American who doesn't recognize the theme to "The Simpsons"? Other themes are a smidge more obscure. "Rocko's Modern Life"? "Johnny Bravo"?  Those are shows? Get off our lawn!

But even if your knowledge of cartoons begins and ends with "Steamboat Willie," the clip is well worth watching and serves as a gentle reminder that you should really be watching a lot more television. How else are you supposed to understand classical music?

Check out the full video below. A complete list of spoilers is in the video's "about" area.

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