'Church Sucks,' says church

Mike Krumboltz
OneLove Church's flyer (courtesy Tony Crank)

OneLove Church in Eugene, Ore., is using some old-fashioned reverse psychology for its latest marketing campaign.

"Church Sucks," read the bright red fliers sent out by Tony Crank, the church pastor.

It's an odd message to send potential members of the flock, but Crank told Yahoo News there's a method to the madness.

"A lot of people have been hurt by the church and walked away from their faith because of it," Crank said.

"It might be because of a bad experience, an unmet expectation or feeling as though they have been judged when they walk through the door of a church," he continued. "Whatever the reason is, it has caused many to walk away from God altogether. That's not how it's intended to be."

While the message of "Church Sucks" is meant to be taken with a grain of salt and a sense of humor, Crank admits not everyone gets it.

"Some are offended because they feel it's a criticism of their church or the church at large.  It was not meant to be insulting or disrespectful to anyone or any church. Saying 'Church Sucks' isn't a shot at anyone. It's simply recognizing that the church is broken because humanity is broken."

Crank admits that even he's had bad experiences with church when people judge too quickly and forgive too slowly. "It should be the other way around," he said.