Christopher Meloni knows who can bring Kony to justice: Dog the Bounty Hunter

Eric Pfeiffer

Kony Hunter with Christopher Meloni from Christopher Meloni

In this new video from Funny or Die and the Enough Project, Law & Order: SVU co-star Chris Meloni decides he wants to get involved in the effort to bring Central African warlord Joseph Kony to justice.

But instead of using his celebrity to get other people involved, Meloni wants to take a more direct approach, disguised as Dog the Bounty Hunter and going after Kony himself. His agent tries to talk a little sense into the actor:

"Why don't you make a video?"

"What are you talking about? Like a funny but informative video that kind of highlights the problem for people and lets them know how to get involved?"

"That is exactly what I mean."

"No. I'm going to Africa."

In reality, human rights organization The Enough Project is part of the effort to bring the Lord's Resistance Army warlord to justice. Meloni has been part of the effort since 2009, when an episode of Law & Order: SVU tackled the subject. The Enough Project produced the video in conjunction with Funny or Die to encourage viewers to sign an online petition to President Obama, encouraging his efforts to bring Kony to justice.

"We're really excited to partner with Funny or Die on this fresh approach to advocacy," Robert Padavick, Director of Content for the Enough Project, said. "By combining masters of comedy and satire with an evidence-based, results-oriented policy organization, we're creating new ways to introduce people to this critical issue and educate them about solutions."

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