Looking for photos of cats in tights? Meowtfit's got you covered

Dylan Stableford
November 4, 2013
Cats in tights
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A cat seen in tights, the latest Internet meme involving cats. (Meowfit.Tumblr.com)

In definitive proof the Internet has way too much time on its hands, a new meme involving — what else? — cats has cropped up online.

The Meowtfit Tumblr, which launched in late October, features photos submitted by cat owners of their felines dressed up in tights.

So far, the submissions are mostly cats posed in varying states of lounging.

A calico with gray knee-highs sprawled across a bed? Check. A tabby in hot pink jeans and Converse sneakers napping? Check. A cat in leopard skin leggings and rubber Tretorn boots? Sure, why not.

Of course, it's not the first time pets have inspired single-topic Tumblrs. Hover Animals, which launched in 2010, focuses on images of animals in flight. Cats Wearing Sweaters clawed its way to brief Internet fame earlier this year. The Well Dressed Animals Tumblr features photos of, well, just that.

And who can forget the hilarious Dogshaming Tumblr that went viral in 2012, embarrassing countless canines and spawning several imitators along the way.