Catch the cat vs. DVD drive smackdown

The Sideshow

An ingenious kitty has come up with a use for that aging DVD drive: It makes a great cat toy. At least, one feline found it to be utterly fascinating.

Check out this adorable tabby fighting a one-sided war against a manually opening and closing disk drive. (The video so far has had some 315,000 views on YouTube.) As the owner’s hand pushes the button on the tower-style computer, the drive slides open and the tech-savvy cat prepares to strike: It eyeballs its prey, slowly moves forward and then expertly jumps up and swats at the drive with its paw.

Sometimes one whack does the trick, but other times, it takes a triple kung fu karate chop to get the drive to slide shut.

DVD drive, you’ve been warned: Streaming video—preferably of cats—is where it’s at.