Cat interrupts live soccer match (Video)

Eric Pfeiffer
February 7, 2012

In this video, an either brazen or oblivious cat walks out onto the field of a live Liverpool-Tottenham English Premier League soccer match.

The crowd cheers in delight and even the coaches can't help laughing as the cat scurries across the field, stopping about 20 seconds into the video to take a brief rest next to Tottenham goalie Brad Friedel.

Live soccer matches are no stranger to overly enthusiastic fans taking to the field. Though as the announcer notes, "I don't think that cat is going to handcuff himself to the goalpost, as we saw recently."

After about half a minute on the field, the cat then trots off "of its own volition" before being gently scooped up over the field barrier by part of the stadium's security team.

Back in December, a fox was spotted running onto the field during a local Dallas high-school football game. You can watch video of that encounter here.

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