Burglar on crutches wanted for string of robberies

Dylan Stableford
The Sideshow

Police in Oklahoma City are searching for a man they say burglarized three homes—at least one of them while on crutches.

According to Oklahoma City's News 9, police say 28-year-old Ernest Sarabia hobbled up to the door of one home and pried it open. Once inside, he stuffed jewelry and electronics into a backpack before being chased away by the homeowner—sans crutches.

"When he leaves, he's seen being chased by the homeowner, who basically catches him in the act, chases him out," Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow of the Oklahoma City Police Department told the station. "He's hopping on one leg."

The suspect then fled the scene in a waiting truck, the video showed.

Police are asking anyone with information related to the hopping burglar to call 405-235-7300 or 1-800-632-TIPS.

There were 9,853 reported burglaries in Oklahoma City in 2012, according to crime statistics posted on the city's website. That number was virtually unchanged from 2011, when there were 9,863.

It's unclear how many of them were attempted while handicapped.