Boy asks City Council to save his home from erosion

Mike Krumboltz
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Boy asks City Council to save his home from erosion

A 10-year-old boy from Carrollton, Texas, addressed his town's City Council to ask that it help save his home from erosion.

CBS-Dallas reports that Nick Harmla spoke about how, due to a crumbling retaining wall, his family's backyard has been steadily washed away by rain into a nearby creek. His neighbors' properties have also been affected. Specifically, he asked that the wall be replaced.

"I was excited because we had a big backyard and my dad was going to buy two nets to play soccer," Nick told the City Council. "All of a sudden, a big rain came and the land was scooped away."

CBS-Dallas reports this isn't the first time residents of the affected area have tried to raise awareness about their properties. In the past, they've held block parties, posted videos and filed a federal lawsuit.

The City Council didn't formally respond to Nick's request, according to CBS-Dallas, due to the neighborhood having filed a lawsuit against the city.

Still, Council Member Jeff Andonian was impressed. "The impact, again, is that I think we're all impressed that a young man came with such passion and poise and spoke to the City Council," he said to CBS-Dallas.