Bird tweets mad beats

The Sideshow

It’s official: Birds have beats. This beat-dropping parrot has proved that dubstep is not just for the likes of Skrillex.

The video, which quickly garnered over 5 million views online, has viewers jamming to the chirps and tweets (literally) of a musically talented cockatiel who has picked up the bass-driven dance sound.

“Just my bird Harvey dropping some fat beats,” posts YouTube user Rainykauke, who also apologizes for the cropping of the video, taken with a phone.

But what you see is plenty. Harvey has got the dubstep moves. The clip shows the gray bird with the dramatic yellow crest on its head and bright-orange cheeks showing how to shake its tail feathers.

Fans have taken to the bird boom box. YouTube commenter TheJediNerd joked, “Still better than one direction.”

The user ikomplex added, “can't wait for Skrillex to buy that bird.”

If Harvey isn’t for sale, perhaps he'd be available for sampling.