Bird’s eye view video shows installation of One World Trade Center spire

Eric Pfeiffer

On Friday, workers completed the installation of the spire atop the One World Trade Center building, a symbolic step toward completing the building that has taken more than 10 years to complete.

The 1,776 foot peak of the building was covered by media across the globe. But the iron workers involved in the spire’s installation have provided the most breathtaking view of all. They installed a GoPro camera atop the spire, capturing the entire installation in vivid detail.

At more than nine minutes, the video might be a big long for most people’s patience. But you can skip ahead to the exact moment the spire is installed. Still it’s fun to watch extended portions early on in the video as the spire is raised to great heights. Even on a tiny computer screen, the elevated view is enough to induce feelings of vertigo.