Bear put down after repeatedly breaking into local Colorado homes (VIDEO)

Eric Pfeiffer
The Sideshow

A bear in Conifer, Colorado, was put down after repeatedly breaking into a number of local homes. Local NBC affiliate 9News reports the bear even once broke into a family's bedroom.

But the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPW) finally caught up with the bear after a return visit to the home of Jennifer Sherman. The bear broke into the Sherman's entry hallway by tearing off a window screen.

"I don't know," Sherman told the station. "We don't keep anything open. The dog food is locked up in the cabinet. He did get in there in June and got the dog food out, so maybe he just remembered that it was there."

Earlier this month, a family of bears broke into a home in Norway, drinking more than 100 beers and ransacking the home in the process. And while the owner of the home expressed some concern about the bears returning, locals there seemed to take the home invasion more lightly than Colorado authorities.

Still, it's far from the first bear incident the DPW has had to deal with recently. In April, authorities tranquilized a bear that had climbed into a tree near a local college campus. The DPW attempted to relocate the bear far from the college campus, but it attempted to return to the area and was fatally struck by a car on a local highway in the process.

And just a month later, yet another bear was tranquilized by local authorities and captured on film after it climbed up into a tree.